The Gift of Yoga

This Giving Season give THE GIFT OF YOGA, resiliency, health, connection, accessibility and inclusion to people who have experienced a brain injury. 


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With your contribution we are providing FREE yoga classes to individuals with Brain Injuries (TBI, Stroke, Brain Tumors, etc.).


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Closed door after closed door. Feeling isolated, frustrated, disconnected. This is what many Brain Injury survivors experience when they seek to participate in community activities. The injury has changed them and the community doesn’t have a place for them. What if we changed that? We can! Thousands of people in the US have been empowered through LoveYourBrain Yoga. Now is time to open the doors for the young people of DFW. With your contribution we can give The Gift of Yoga, resiliency, health, connection, accessibility, and inclusion.

A FREE six-week, yoga and meditation series designed specifically for people with brain injuries will be made possible thanks to your gift. There are tens of thousands of children and young adults with brain injuries in Texas. Help us reach as many people as possible. Let’s show them that the community that surrounds them also supports and include them.

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We know that you do this because you know how much yoga can change a life and believe that accessibility and inclusion are important values for our society. This campaign is meaningful.

We also want to make it FUN! By raising funds you also have the opportunity to earn prizes. 

Top Golf VIP Package (Group of up to 6 people)

$100 Lululemon Gift Card

Rock Climbing at Summit (Up to 10 people)