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Cover Page "Talking to Your Children about Spinal Cord Injury"

Spinal Cord Injury

Learn about Spinal Cord Injury and how to talk to children about it. This booklet also includes a list of spinal cord injury resources in Texas. 

 Patients, caregivers, providers, clinics, hospitals … EVERYONE is invited to download, print, and share this resource. 

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At Beyond Able, we are committed to eliminate barriers that contribute to disability and poor health care literacy is one of them. Health Care Literacy is the term used for your ability to “obtain, communicate, process and understand basic health information and services”. In other words; Do you have the information? Do you understand it? Can you share and explain your information to the doctors, therapists, family members? Without good health care literacy; your health is at risk. We all have a responsibility in this: patients, medical providers, community leaders, insurance providers, policy makers, etc.

Making this booklet available to you is taking one step towards improving your access to information. We will also have quarterly seminars in English and Spanish to review topics on spinal cord injury and rehabilitation and answer your questions. Like our Facebook Page to get updates.