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Goat Milk Soap

OVal Floral

Check out our OVAL FLORAL soap, with organic goat milk, local raw honey, and shea butter. You can add lavender oil to de-stress at the end of the day.

Honey Bee

For the purist, enjoy our HONEY BEE soap, unscented and ready to moisturize and nourish your skin. Sold in a pack of 2. Made with organic goat milk, and local raw honey.

Goat milk soap - square bar with a baby goat design.

Baby Goat

For your littles, or to nourish extra sensitive skin, try our BABY GOAT soap made with organic goat milk, local raw honey and oatmeal. If you’re searching for an original, this sweet soap, handmade with love, is the perfect shower gift!

Meet the

G.O.A.T. Giving Opportunities so Adults can Thrive is a Social Enterprise. Our artisans are young adults with differing abilities, furloughed from jobs and day programs due to the pandemic. We are working together to offer you, our customers, a unique product that will soothe skin and fight dryness after days of washing your hands and most surfaces with foam soaps and alcohol wipes.

Our crew is getting back to work, in the safety of their homes, creating a needed product, taking pride in their handmade soap. They are becoming more self-sufficient through earning income.  Our hope is to expand our team of artisans in our county, as the demand for our goat milk and honey soap grows.

Zachary Wincent

Rockwall, TX

Zach is a young adult who graduated from a transition program at Elgin Community College, IL where he continued his education and explored vocations.  He loves musical theater, swimming, has lived in Spain and walked the Great Wall of China. Zach loves science and working with his hands.  He was furloughed from his job and not participating in his Day Program secondary to the pandemic.  Zach and his mother, a health care worker, put their heads together to develop a soothing natural soap that fits a need in the community. Life has been really quiet over the past few months, but now, as our first artisan in the GOAT soap project, he is getting back into creating again! As the originator and lead artisan, he will help mentor other crew members. Zach hopes you enjoy his handmade soap and wants to share a favorite Bible verse: “O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay and you are the Potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Isaiah 45:9

Did you know unemployment among people with intellectual disabilities is more than twice as high as for the general population? According to the “National Snapshot of Adults with Intellectual Disability in the Workforce” :

  • Only 44% of adults with ID aged 21-64 are in the labor force. This is compared to 83% of working-age adults without disabilities who are in the labor force.
  • The unemployment rate for adults with ID is more than twice as high as those without disabilities.
  • 21% of working age adults with ID are unemployed.This is compared to less than 8% of adults  without disabilities who are unemployed.
  • 28% of working age adults with ID have never held a job.
  • Only 34% of adults with ID aged 21-64 are employed, and an approximately equal number work in a sheltered setting as a competitive setting (where most people do not have disabilities).

Regardless of the setting in which they work, almost all adults with ID are underemployed (are not full time and earn less than the minimum wage).

TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, WE HAVE INITIATED THE GOAT PROJECT, starting in Rockwall County, TX, so young adults with ID can regain their pride, engage in occupation, network with others to overcome the isolation we’ve all experienced over the past 6 months.

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) can be employed in the community and earn competitive wages. Our goat milk soap is extra special. Besides crafting small batch, handmade products, with natural organic ingredients- treating your skin to vitamins A,C,D,E, and fatty acids, our soaps come from the GOAT project. 

With every bar of soap that you purchase

Meet The Team

Marget and her son Zach. Marget is a woman with white skin and blonde hair. She is holding a bouquet of flowers. She has her arm around her son Mark - young adults with white skin and brown hair.
Founder of Project GOAT

Marget Wincent

Marget Wincent, is a seasoned mother and pediatric occupational therapist (for over 40 yrs.). Her passion is to share the message that all people want to be valued, accepted, included. From personal experience, raising a son who happens to have Down syndrome, the COVID pandemic has adversely impacted many young adults, but especially those with ID. Social isolation and diminished participation grow each day as these adults are furloughed from jobs and day programs. It only seemed natural to find a needed product that her son could create from the safety of home, to feel productive again and engage in a valued occupation, while earning income. This is how the GOAT project was born. Ms. Wincent will use her skills as an OT to mentor young adults to become independent “makers”, to create and sell a handmade product- goat milk and honey soap. Now, more than ever, it’s time to “wash your hands” and you can have a rich sensory experience by using our goat milk and honey soap! With the assistance of generous donors, we will expand this project, “Giving Opportunities so Adults can Thrive”, and welcome future artisans.

Support job training

Individual training and support for workforce is an important and necessary part of this process. It is also a costly one. Invest in our Social Enterprise.

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