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G.O.A.T. Project

Giving Opportunities so Adults can Thrive

Marget and her son Zach. Marget is a woman with white skin and blonde hair. She is holding a bouquet of flowers. She has her arm around her son Mark - young adults with white skin and brown hair.

It all started with a birthday wish. Zach was furloughed from his job – just like millions of other people during his pandemic. As an individual with Down Syndrome and an Intellectual Disability jobs are really hard to come by and now with the added health risk of COVID-19, he can’t even attend this Day Program. 

His amazing mom, Marget, is an occupational therapist, and understands the value of occupation – to engage in activities that are meaningful and give us a source of pride. So for her birthday, she set up a goal to raise funds to help Zach and his friends start a business. Inspired by her dedication, we decided to support Marget, Zach and 10 other young adults by funding the start of the program.  

We will provide soap making kits to our neighbors with unique abilities in the community, who have been furloughed from jobs, unable to attend their day programs and are in need of occupations. Marget and a group of volunteers will deliver soap making kits to the adults in our community, instruct them in the process of soap making (measuring, pouring, curing, wrapping, REPEAT) and create opportunities for our adults, to sell their product to the community at local stores and farmer’s markets.

Our team will grow as entrepreneurs, from creating a product, helping market the product and having social opportunities in our community, as an example of being a valued contributor. 

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