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COVID19 Resources

You’ve got this! Is it hard? Of course. There is no denying that dealing with a global pandemic and the changes it has brought into our lives can create a lot of stress.  You know what else depletes my energy? Information overload! There is A LOT of information out there – it is great šŸ™‚ but it is sooooo much. The resources below are from trusted sources and provide useful information.



We love the resources that Understood.org provides for people in special education. Their COVID-19 Resources are relevant for ALL kids (SPED or not).

More on Education

BrenƩ Brown shares some good practical tips while sharing truths and making us think deeply

Mental HEalth

Daily Tips and Facebook Lives with Professionals.


Meditation Apps for Kids

Expert advice

Neuropsychology Blog with great resources and advice for families.

Student Athletes

Dealing with the disappointment of cancellations, postponements, ect.

Daily Workouts

Having a hard time deciding what to do? Check out these daily workouts from Children's Health.

Zero to three

How to support young children


Read some good news

Behavioral Support

Do you have a child with behavioral issues? Virtual Behavior Support via Zoom Sessions

Stress and Behavior Challenges

Great Infographics from Vanderbuild University. When you go to the page, scroll down to see the ones related to Behavior.

COVID19 Activity Book for Children

Available in English, Chinese, Arabic, and other languages...
Librito de Actividades para niƱos. Disponible en EspaƱol.

individuals with Disabilities

ASL Videos

ASL Videos with COVID19 information.

Communication and Medical Access

Make sure that you are ready to communicate with individuals who are deaf / have hearing impairments. Here are some important recommendations.

Intellectual Disabilities

Information about COVID using simple statements and pictures.


InformaciĆ³n sobre COVID19 en oraciones simples y con ilustraciones. Util para personas con discapacidades intelectuales

Know your Rights

Information regarding your communication rights.

Medically Complex Children

Recommendations for families with a child who has complex medical needs.

Non-profit organizations


Information about the CARES Act and how it impacts nonprofits.


Learn more about it and the resources available to your organization.

Online Fundraising

Some ideas to get you started.


Funding for projects in response to COVID19

Health Care Professionals


Here's a FREE resource. Take a few minutes. You know you need it. Your body, brain, and family will thank you šŸ˜‰


Forget about matching to residency programs... THIS is a good match. Register and see if you can be matched with someone who has Masks.

RVs for mds

Want to keep your family safe, but still be close to home? Check this out

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