About us

OUR Story

We are inspired by the strength and love that we have witnessed from children and families who have faced great adversity and their fight to lead a wholehearted life and be a part of their community. We are committed to help children and families walk their journeys with a sense of hope and purpose. With or without a disability; we are all imperfect and worthy of love and belonging. 

 We have witnessed children physical and mental health deteriorate because they didn’t have the appropriate treatment, equipment, or support. We have heard parents grapple with not knowing or not understanding their child’s diagnosis. We have been those health care professionals and educators desperate to help a child and not knowing what to do, and other times knowing but being unable to do it because of organizational barriers.  We have seen a child wanting to color with her brother, but unable to do so because he doesn’t have the adaptive equipment. 

We have seen parents frustrated because their child needs a service, it has been deemed medically necessary, but denied by insurance. Parents looking for the services that have been recommended, but not finding any providers in their area or finding the providers and not being able to afford them. It is sad, frustrating, infuriating, heart-breaking. It is also solvable. By creating Beyond Able we have decided to become part of the solution; to be the change we want to see in the world.


 Every child can live a wholehearted life within and beyond their physical and cognitive abilities.


Provide services to eliminate barriers that contribute to disability and build brave communities that choose compassion and connection.