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Picture of our Board Members - David, white man salt and pepper hair and beard, Mari - Hispanic woman, brown skin - holding their son Mark who is about one year old. and ivelisse in the back hispanic woman - Mari's mom


Beyond Disability

Having a physical or cognitive impairment, medical condition, or developmental delay does not automatically make you “disabled”. Disability is that mismatch at the intersection of who you are and the physical and relational world you live in. Disability is living in a world were difference equals barriers. Our Beyond Able we work hard every day to “Eliminate barriers that contribute to disability and build great communities that choose compassion connection.” We are grounded by the incredible research work from Brene Brown and her lessons in choosing courage over comfort, rumbling with vulnerability, owning our stories,  and living and loving with whole hearts. “Owning our story and loving ourselves through the processes is the bravest thing we’ll ever do”.   


Your story goes beyond the limits of your physical or cognitive abilities. You are valuable, inimitable, admirable. Beyond Able… You are You!

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Diversity and Inclusion

Raising Community Awareness


Entrepreneurship support for Adults with IDD


Equal Opportunities through access to Assistive Technology / Adaptive Equipment

Spinal Cord Injury Family Handbook

How to talk to children about SCI

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OUr Programs

Our programs have been planned by and designed with the participation of those who are affected

Support our First Entrepreneur

Soap by Zach was launched trough our Entrepreneurial Support program. Now it is an independent shop 🙂 

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Our Board

Marivelisse Rodriguez-Rivera

As a pediatric neuropsychologist, Dr. Mari has been serving children and families with neurological and neurodevelopmental disabilities for more than 10 years. She dreams of a society where we can look at each other and see a little bit of ourselves reflected in each other, and at the same time, notice, embrace, and enjoy our differences.

Ivelisse Rivera

Ivelisse has been a devoted teacher for over 20 years. She has earned multiple awards for her work integrating community-based projects into the curriculum. Her 10 years of experience in accounting make her the perfect treasurer for our board.

David Huck

David is dedicated to serve his community as an individual as well as a small business owner. In 2018 he was awarded the Community Volunteer of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce. He brings years of experience in the nonprofit sector as past President and Foundation Chair of the Prosper Rotary Club and his volunteerism in several community organizations.

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